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iPhone camera hacks: 3 quick and easy camera tricks for cool Instagram worthy photos

iPhone camera hacks: 3 quick and easy camera tricks for cool Instagram worthy photos
Apply these iPhone camera hacks to get great effects that will look cool on Instagram. (Pixabay)

Apple iPhone cameras are supported by some great features and these allow users to capture professional looking, Instagram-worthy photos. Users should therefore know about these in-built iPhone camera features that allow users to take cool pictures. Hence, if you own a relatively latest-gen iPhone, then you are holding one of the best camera smartphones in the world. This does not just apply to taking selfies, but also every other aspect of life that a user wants to tak photos of including even the panorama ones. Here we show you 3 easy and simple iPhone camera hacks listed by TikToker @jdthecameraguy, as reported by The Sun, to enhance picture quality substantially.

iPhone Vertical effect:

The iPhone camera's panorama mode captures more of a specific scene by combining multiple photos.

This result is an expanded space that shows off the entire scene like a starry night sky or storm clouds. To enable this effect, you will simply need to open the camera app and switch over to Pano mode by swiping left on your display. Now, move your phone continuously while taking the photo. Keep the arrow on the line to make sure that panorama lines up the photos accurately and press the shutter button.

Artsy black and white iPhone selfie effects

This will make your iPhone selfies look more like the headshots of a Bollywood star. You just need to open the iPhone front-facing camera and swap over to Portrait mode. It creates a depth-of-field effect by blurring the background of your photos. Once the picture is clicked, you can select "Stage light mono". From various effects options available at the bottom of your viewfinder.

iPhone sunrise' video effect

Another popular hack to utilize the iPhone camera app's brightness feature. This will let you expand the highlights or shadows of an image by tapping on focus before taking a photo or video. Open the iPhone camera app and switch to video mode. Next, tap to focus on your subject, click on the yellow sun icon and drag the brightness slider all the way down. Start recording and gradually drag the slider back up again. You’ll even get a cool Instagram worthy-video.

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