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SRK35MHIP1  第1张

SRK35MHIP1  第2张

Indoor unit SRK35MHIP1 / Outdoor unit SRC35MHIP1

1.5 HP slim UV inverter cooling and heating split machine

Cooling capacity 3.25kW / 11,089Btu

Heating capacity 4.21kW / 14,368Btu

WxHxD798x294x230mm (inner) / 780x420x290(+60)mm (outer)

R410A Eco-friendly Refrigerant

Level 1 Energy Label

3 years full machine warranty


UV-C sterilization combined with triple filtration system, the sterilization rate reaches 99%

The slim outdoor unit is only 420mm high, suitable for installation on the windowsill of most housing estates

Ergonomic design for easy installation or saving on scaffolding costs

6-zone air supply mode

Triple lysis and mildew control system

PAM+PWM dual frequency control extremely fast and precise temperature control

Wide dynamic frequency conversion automatic frequency conversion

Heart shield compressor double protection system

ECO energy saving mode

POWER strong mode

sleep mode

Dehumidification mode

Anti-mildew running function

Timed on/off setting

Power interruption automatic restart function